First Home Buyers

‘We look forward to help you fulfill your dream of home ownership!!’

Buying your first home is both exciting and stressful. It’s a biggest decision that takes plenty of planning & research,and careful budgeting. That’s where we come in. We, at the Fund Master will help you get the sound & professional advice to buy your first home. All you need to do is just contact The Fund Master team and we will make your life easy!

Steps to be followed:

Step 1) Meet the advisor to get your loan approved
Step 2) List of documents to get the loan approved
Step 3) Loan Approval Letter
Step 4) Read and discuss your offer and special conditions
Step 5) Search for the property
Step 6) Put an Offer (Discuss conditions and property with your advisor)
Step 7) Engage a lawyer and valuer or ask for help from your advisor
Step 8) Interest Rate and Final Offer
Step 9) Get House Insurance quote
Step 10) Discuss Life and protection
Step 11) Fix an appointment with your lawyer to sign loan document.
Step 12) Arrange movers and cleaners
Step 13) Congratulations for your dream home!!!
Step 14) Get ready for a family photo.

What do we need from you: (A home buyers check list)

Checklist for First Home Buyers:

1) Two forms Of Id’s (Drivers Licence and Passport)
2) Latest 3 payslips/Last 2yrs financial statements and GST Returns
3) Last Three months’ Salary Bank Statement
4) Last 6 months Savings statements
5) List of Credit Cards with limits (used/unused)
6) List of Hire Purchases

Mortgage Types & Features

a. How much can I borrow
b. What type of mortage?
c. What's the Low Equity Premium?
d. Can I use my Kiwisaver?
e. What are the additional costs involved?

Property Types & Features

a. How to buy a property?
b. Where to live?
c. What type of property?
d. Things you should avoid

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