Investment Property

One of the most important advantages of buying an investment property is securing your future, if done wisely.

Investing in an investment property could be a very lucrative way of investment. Being your own boss, huge tax-write offs, and rental income in your pockets are some of the benefits of buying an investment property.

To find a good investment, you’ll have to look at a lot of properties. A good property is the one where you can make profit.

Paying off your mortgages faster is one of the main benefits. We can tell you how investing in a new property can help you pay off your mortgage faster on your first property. Investment property has two types of potential returns. One is from the rent paid by tenants and the other is from the property increasing in value – called capital gain.

What do we need from you when you are buying an investment property?

  • Contact The Fund Master team for getting the pre-approval for the investment finance.

Checklist for Investment properties

  • Two Forms of Id’s (Driver’s Licence and Passport)
  • Last 6 months of loan statement
  • Latest 3 payslips ( In case of self-employed people: last 2yrs of financial a/cs)
  • Last 6 months of salary A/c statements
  • Sales and purchase agreements
  • List of Credit Cards with limits (used/unused)
  • List of Hire Purchases
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